Toast & Tea

Alyssa. 23. Toronto
tattoos. tea. baking. graphic design. typography. diy. weddings.


1) Gather hair to one side and place in a ponytail behind the ear

2) Begin twisting a wrapping the ponytail as if you are tying a knot

3) As you tie the ponytail into a knot, do not pull the tail all the way through

4) Secure the knotted bun with large bobby pins

5) Gently pull and tug the hair from the crown and throughout the bun to create texture and fullness

6) Spray with a finishing product


Aisling Flynn   |

"Foolproof kicks off the The Type-Right Collection poster series. Foolproof is a celebration of Helvetica, Gotham and Archer and narrates the typefaces foolproof qualities. Just in time for Fools’ Day!"

Aisling Flynn is an Irish Graphic Designer based in New York. Her work ranges across a variety of mediums including print, web and motion design.

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